[englisch]A compact and resource-saving fan gun

Innovative technology. Efficient. Powerful. Compact

The Evo 3.0 is the latest Demaclenko product in the compact class. The new snow gun offers customers highly versatile and energy-efficient operation without having to miss out on the high-quality state-of-the-art technology of the Titan 2.0. The Evo 3.0 is a compact and resource-saving fan gun that combines innovative technology with economic efficiency.
The Evo 3.0 is a convincing addition to Demaclenko’s range of compact products. The new barrel offers more throw, while the new components for the upgraded nozzle ring make the snow gun ideal for producing snow even in the most adverse weather conditions and at marginal temperatures. The fan, which consumes a total of just 11 kW, has also been improved.
To satisfy growing demand for a fan gun combining quality engineering with energy efficiency, the Evo 3.0 has been designed as a highly versatile product with low energy consumption based on the same top-quality, cutting-edge technology as the Titan 2.0, which remains the company’s best seller thanks to these attractive characteristics.
Above all, the Evo 3.0 is a compact snow gun that conserves resources and combines intelligent and innovative technology with outstanding economics. The development team at Demaclenko also placed a strong focus on the new electrical cabinet, which incorporates electronics programmed especially for Demaclenko to control all aspects of operation with the compact fan gun.
The force-ventilated weather station and the new 7-inch touch screen, which can be operated via a compatible smartphone or tablet, round off the wide range of features available with the upgraded Evo.
Like the previous model, the Evo 3.0 is available with or without a compressor in an automatic or manual version and can be installed on a fixed or winch tower.

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